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Meet Jessie

jessie albarian

Jessie is a professional freelance software developer and designer who has experience with websites, mobile apps, branding, and graphics. But she doesn’t just build products, she creates solutions for companies. Jessie dives deep into her client’s goals, needs, and wants, and her work revolves around these in order to help the overall success of their business.

Jessie is an artist at heart with a logical mind, so she works on projects with both her creativity and problem solving mindset. This is where the “half developer – half designer” comes from.

When she is not working, you can find her reading a book in a hammock, writing down new business ideas in her journal, or hiking trails across the Rocky Mountains!

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“Jessie is amazing. I run a business with many different facets and I need freelancers who can take on a project, create timelines, work to deadlines and keep me informed of any bumps in the road – Jessie did all of that and more. She is a very smart, dedicated, hard-working person who not only kept my project on track but she kept me on track as well! She saved us a ton of money by making smart, time and money-saving decisions throughout the creation of our app. Again, I can’t recommend her enough.”

Courtney, Montague Art

“I hired Jessie on a friend’s recommendation to design my online platform / blog The Traveler’s Mindset, which encourages Americans to travel abroad. She was fantastic to work with!! The project took almost exactly the amount of time she estimated, and when I wanted tweaks made to the final product she did them quickly and flawlessly. I’ve had unreliable web developers / designers in the past and Jessie was ANYTHING but that. Would happily use her services again in the future and I’ve already recommended her to entrepreneurs in my network — she is THAT great to work with. ”

“I hired Jessie to take on a very significant development project for Bold Betties and after seeing the quality of her delivery, I was absolutely certain that I want to work with her on an ongoing basis.  Jessie is thorough, organized, dependable, responsive and delivers quality results. She leaves no rock unturned and her research on approaches and solutions is very comprehensive.  She delivers quality functionality and is organized, speedy and very communicative about the status of the project and if there are impediments. I have never found Jessie to “over promise”.  If she does not believe that something can be done or is a good idea, she is very clear about that but also offers alternatives so that the project can move forward. I am thoroughly enjoying working with Jessie and appreciate her helpfulness, speed and quality of work! Thank you Jessie!”

Arezou, Bold Betties

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